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                                                           A unique art and coffee experience

                         flying spanners gallery

Photo Gallery

THE PILLAR PEOPLE THE PILLAR PEOPLE VINCE & SNIFFLES hovering around Civic Park 205189820 ROSE the bride has finally found the right dress in Hunter St 205189821 QUENTIN the penguin groom Rose has also found herself a husbandHunter St 205189826 SUPER G my super hero on high alert in Hunter St 205189822 SEAN the posty starts his daily delivery in Hunter St 205189823 SCOTTY the chef is out of work 205189824 SONJA the skater used to skate here... 205189825 JOY the once Lord Mayor her spirit lives on in Wheeler place 205189827 PROESSOR PLUM working in his outdoor laboratory in Auckland St 205189828 JOS'E on violin busking in Hunter St 205189829 PEG the first waitress either resigned or was kidnapped from Darby St 205189830 BETTY the second waitress Betty took over after Peg disappeared 206092237 CHUBBS the bouncer works 24 hours in Centenary St 205189831 CLARENCE the parking attendant Keeps a keen eye on Centenary St 205189832 OLD BAILEY finds his work quite tiring 205189833 BIG RED the waiting kangaroo also out of work in the Mall 206092236 LITTLE RED the waiting mouse will be waiting here in Bolton St a very long while 206092243 NED used to hide out in Newcastle but escaped to Hamilton 206092238 JUNGLE JIM is looking for wildlife in the Mall 206092239 KARMA KOALA is hiding from Jungle Jim 206092242 GOYA is stretching her legs in Wolfe St 206092240 SOULMAN the soupman always looking out for a wedding soul outside the soup kitchen 206092241 JEREMIAH has just gone fishing 206092244 CORAL the mermaid would love to go swimming again 206092245 GLORIA the third waitress has been waiting for Gloria Jeans to reopen for ages... 206092246 CLEOPASTRA is ready to serve in Hamilton 206092247