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                                                           A unique art and coffee experience

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Photo Gallery

STREET BOXES STREET BOXES MASSEY'S DOG CIRCUS Cleary St Hamilton The Dog Circus once existed where The Kent now stands. It was an actual circus with dog tricks and parades. Our ideas about circus's have changed over the years but I can't help thinking that this would have been such fun! 206092304 DOG CIRCUS the beginning... I start by drawing up the image like so... that's after some hours of research and doodling. 206092308 THE ROXY THEATRE Beaumont St Hamilton Herbert's Roxy Theatre no longer exists in Hamilton. It opened as a movie theatre in 1913. In 1955 it became a venue for live theatre until it closed in 1971. At one point it even held a basketball court. 206092307 ROXY THEATRE view from Beaumont St The Theatre was sold in 1971 and the New Roxy Theatre opened-up further down Beaumont St in 1981. It continued as a dramatic arts centre until 2010. 206092306 THE ROXY Costume Hire Shop ...was at one time part of the Theatre. 206092305 GOW'S DRAPERY Beaumont St Hamilton This building stood on the Corner of Cleary St (circa 1985) where a discount chemist now stands. The Department store prospered, rivalling Scott's and Winn's in Newcastle. 206093481 BOROUGH MARKETS Hunter St Mall This building was built in 1875 and served the city for 45 years. Demolished in 1915 to make way for The Strand Theatre which in turn was demolished in1980 to make way for Market Square Shopping Town. Before the Borough Markets there appears to have existed a small coal mine and even a cemetery. 206093474 WESTMINSTER HOTEL Hunter St Mall Completed in 1897, this building was 1 of 2 Temperance Hotels in Newcastle (the other being in Perkins St). It has had 3 extra floors added. and remained a hotel till the 1990's. 206093482 THE SWIMMING BATHS Newcomen St This box stands outside the City Arcade and tells the story of a swimming pool that actually still exists under the floor of this arcade. The area was fed by a freshwater spring and so, in 1881, council received a grant for a water reserve. The Newcastle Corporation Baths were built in 1888. Initially ladies were excluded.It has been many things including a silent movie theatre. To find out more check-out the box.... 206093539 THE NEWSPAPER STAND Bolton St This Newspaper Stand appeared outside the grand Newcastle Post Office Building in 1919. There were 3 such stands in Newcastle provide by the government for returned ex-servicemen after WW1. Walter Brown ran this stand until his heart attack in 1950. It was passed on to family but sold by council in the 1970's. 206093536 FISH BOX - GROPER Union St Newcastle This was my first commissioned piece of street art. 206093475 FISH BOX - PUFFER Union St Newcastle Unfortunately, the fish have since headed to the sea. 206093476 TURTLES Auckland St Newcastle Were once swimming outside the new University of Newcastle...sadly, they swam away too. 206093479 SEAL BOX - TOP HAT Civic Stn Newcastle Hats off to Newcastle's keeper of the Newcastle Rose. There was once a small garden here which was lovingly looked after by one of God's Angels...thank you. 206093478 SEAL BOX - DANCING SEAL Civic Stn NC This box is opposite the Civic Theatre in Hunter St, hence the performing seals. 206093477 THORPY Merewether St Newcastle used to hang-out on the cnr of Hunter and Merewether Sts but something must have scared him off. Maybe he was in trouble with Council. 206093537 CRAZYFISH BOX Whilst painting this 2 young blokes drove by and asked me to include them on the box...hence the title of the fish's book...The Adventures of Johnno and Rope. 206093535 DOLPHIN BOX King St Newcastle Diver says hi. 206093538 TRAM STOP Hunter St Newcastle I painted this during the construction of the new tramline down Hunter St. Buster got tired waiting.... 206093473 GENERAL ROBERTS HOTEL Lambton A Mum commissioned this on behalf of her Son but forgot to discuss the concept with him...he was expecting a black box...Surprise!!! 206093480